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        Why choose us?

        • Five decades of Application Engineering - proven experience is available to you
        • Best In Class inputs and owned design & manufacturing - ensures Accuracy and Consistency on your component and process over time
        • Full line solution provider that manufactures the entire range of Surface Grinding – You buy only what you need
        • Largest Surface Grinding manufacturer in India exporting to more than 20 countries – More than 10,000 machines successfully installed and running
        • Lowest Life Cycle Cost – Minimum spare parts, accuracy over time, long life, easy to service
        • Service provided from within the factory – your challenges are brought back to the factory floor, strong service team


        • We use over 20 Nos. Alex Rotary Table Vertical Spindle (R20A & R30A) Surface Grinders for our production requirements. We have been using Alex Surface Grinders for over 25 years now and also been buying new machines from Alex on regular basis for our increase in production. We are very happy with the performance of these machines and always recommend Alex to people who want high precision and maintenance free Surface Grinding Machines.
          Atop Fasteners Pvt. Ltd.
          Mohali, Punjab
        • We are using Alex RH650 - 2 Nos. and RH500 - 1 No. machine. Alex Machine Tools makes superior surface grinding machines and we have using several of their machines at our various plants. We are very satisfied with the performance and would recommend the same to others. After Sales Service is exemplary.  
          Indo Schottle Auto Parts Pvt Ltd
          Pune, Maharashtra
        • This is certified that M/S Alex Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. has supplied Alex model R40 -2 nos. Alex Machine Tools have been providing service to our company have shown how passionate they are about their job and have delivered high level of professional service. Company provides a dynamic, professional and high quality support.  
          Autur Schade Steel Products India Pvt. Ltd.
          Pune, Maharashtra
        • We are using Alex machines from past 26 years for grinding to our products. We have total 3 nos of Alex surface grinder machine, RH500 in operation. We are getting required accuracy after so many years operations. After sales, service support is good. We recently procured the spare parts was delivered right on time and quality is good. We are satisfied with their performance and durability of machines.
          Mitsubishi Heavy Industries India Precision Tools Ltd.
          Ranipet, Tamilnadu
        • We have procured Alex Surface Grinders at various stages and the machines include Alex NH750 (1990), Alex NH8040 (2013), RH500 and RH1000 etc. All of the machines are in operation today. We would rate these machines as one of the best in its class. Moreover we are extremely satisfied with their performance and durability. There are two major points we would like to compliments Alex On: 1- The quality of the supplied machines has been consistent over the years. 2- The precision of the machine hasn't worn down with usage which generally happens in precision machines. We would not hesitate to order another more order whenever need arises to expand the capacity.
          Baker Guages India Pvt. Ltd.
          Pune, Maharshtra
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